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Database integration with your website gives your business the power to collect and store information gathered online (e.g. client contact information, survey results, etc.) as well as display or sell (ecommerce/online catalogue) your products and services.

The Viva Web Solutions team has years of experience in database design & development and specialises in building custom, data-driven websites.  We can build a website database solution from scratch or integrate your pre-existing MS Access, FileMaker Pro, MySQL or MS SQL database into your website.

Perhaps you are looking for a desktop or server-based database solution?  We can help you there as well.

Ecommerce Website Development / Shopping Cart Setup

From the basics of displaying your product database on your website to the development of a fully functioning ecommerce website from scratch, Viva Web Solutions can help yourecommerse website image business sell or display your products and services online.

We fully integrate Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practices into every ecommerce solution we provide ensuring that your online store has the best opportunity to succeed.  Ranking well in search engines, particularly Google, is essential for the success of your ecommerce website.  Page load speed, user interactivity, content creation, semi-automated optimisation and web page URL’s are some of the critical factors covered in our SEO plan for your ecommerce website.

Information/Data Collection and Reporting

The data and customer information that can be collected via your website and the subsequent reporting and metrics available can be critical for the success and decision-making processes of your business. Viva Web Solutions can assist in providing the simplest solution for your needs. Here are some of the purposes for integrating a database with your website in order to collect valuable information for your business:

Why Choose Viva Web Solutions?

  • We focus on what's best for your business.
  • We develop database solutions that fit your needs and help your business grow.
  • We design solutions that are modular, that can expand with your business.
  • What's good for your business is good for ours.

If you would like to speak with us about the design of a new/existing database, website-database integration or ecommerce website please contact us for a no pressure, no obligation chat: 02 9037 9433 or contact us here.

"On behalf of the staff and directors, I would like to thank you for all you have done in bringing the Barry Long website into the 21st century. With the database and the website, we now have a solid infrastructure at the heart of the organisation. Thank you for your ongoing contribution over the last few years."

"It is always a pleasure to communicate with you and I personally thank you for your patience and calm professionalism in responding to my many questions and requests."

Pamela Sinclair
Operations Manager

We initially thought that Viva Web Solutions might be too small to provide the level of support we needed, but we found it to be a great experience. Viva Web Solutions were very helpful, going above and beyond the brief.  Dealing with them has been easy and efficient. Our correspondence has been open and honest and I am very happy with the way the database project has been delivered. If I found myself in this situation again I would definitely get Viva Web Solutions in again.”

Julie Sheather
Mandarin Media