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Approximately 80% of internet users rely on search engines such as Google and Bing to find what they are looking for online. Ensuring your website is well positioned in search engine results pages for keyword phrases relevant to your business is the goal of most Search Engine Optimisation endeavours.

To give your website the best opportunity for long term success in receiving traffic from search engines, particularly Google, Viva Web Solutions follows the quality guidelines provided by Google and strictly follows ‘White Hat’ SEO1 methods. Viva Web Solutions also keeps abreast of the changes in the emerging field of SEO and the changes to search engine algorithms to ensure that we use only industry best practices.

Keyword Research and 'On-Page' Optimisation

For your website to be succesful, its content, products and services need to fulfil the demand of your market niche. Fortunately, that demand already exists in the form of searches being conducted by your potential customers in search engines such as Google.

How do you discover what search terms your customer niche are using? How do you determine which keyword phrases might be profitable?       Keyword Research.

Keyword Research is the first and most crucial step of Search Engine Optimisation. It is the art of discovering popular, relevant search terms (keyword phrases) that have a high probability of profitability and have low competition from other websites.

This is where Viva Web Solutions can help. Our experience in identifying and selecting appropriate, profitable keyword phrases can make the difference between a website that simply acts as an online brochure and one that brings in new customers and actually works for your business.

Once Viva Web Solutions has discovered the right keyword phrases for your business, the next step is to integrate one or two keyword phrases into each of your web pages (on-page optimisation).

On-Page Optimisation is the process of aligning your website with the demand (keyword phrases) of your market niche. It gives Google and other search engines a clear indication of what your website and each of your web pages are about. This helps search engines to correctly classify/index the content of your site.

Website Analytics (Statistics) Analysis

In SEO terms, established websites have the advantage of months or years of statistics on how visitors have arrived at the website, including the specific keyword phrases visitors typed in to Google to find them. Website Analytics are a potential gold mine! They tell you what keyword phrases are already a success for your website, which is brilliant because building upon success is the easiest and most effective way to bring in additional, profitable visitors to the site.

Viva Web Solutions will analyse the keyword phrases your website is successful for and suggest how to further optimise for the phrases that bring the greatest response. This may include optimising existing pages and/or creating new web pages or content.

Improve Search Engine Rankings - Obtain links

Obtaining one-way links to your website from other relevant, quality websites is the most important factor for improving your website's search engine rankings. One-way links to your site is an indicator to Google of your site's popularity. When these links are from quality, respected sites they also indicate to Google that your site is legitimate and can be trusted. Google rewards popular and trusted sites with higher rankings in their search results. Viva Web Solutions provides reports with suggestions of related websites and relevant, quality directories to obtain links from, in order to improve search engine rankings for the keyword phrases your website is targeting.

Local Search Optimisation

Local Search is a crucial SEO factor for small to medium sized businesses or any business that advertises or has advertised in the Yellow Pages. Read more about Local Search Optimisation...


1 White Hat SEO – Ethical SEO techniques that are encouraged by the search engines.

2 Providing there are no major algorithm changes by Google or other uncontrollable factors that negatively impact on the incoming traffic to the website.

"I have been extremely impressed with Viva Web Solutions continued support of my business. After initially designing our fantastic website, Viva Web Solutions continues to maintain, support and advise us on how to get the most from our website and all other technological solutions that allow my business to continually grow. Their recent SEO work has increased our search engine traffic by 51%. Thank you so much."

Liz Kraefft
Business Owner, Sydney

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