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Will you be there, when they search?

Modern consumers are busy, savvy shoppers. And that's why to satisfy their latest needs, they'll search out local businesses online. So when consumers search, businesses need to ensure they get found.

How? Local Search Optimisation is the answer.

Say, for example, a man in Sydney is in need of an artistic florist near his office who can put together a special arrangement for his sweetheart. To find that business he'll pop onto his computer or his mobile phone and type "flowers sydney" into a search engine (there is little chance these days that he will pick up the phone book).

Here's what he'd see in Google:

Google Local Search Image

A listing of businesses appear alongside a map with contact information, websites, reviews, and even driving directions for each business.

How do you get listed in Local Search results?

Businesses appearing in search results are not necessarily the most central to the location searched, and they are not necessarily the closest to the searcher's precise location.

The success of your business' ranking in local searches depends on local search optimisation techniques. By getting your business optimised for local search—whether you have a website or not—you'll be able to grab customer's attention, when they need you most.

What's the difference between Local Search Optimisation and SEO?

If your business is search engine optimised, great! But this doesn't mean your business will come out on top for local searches. Local search optimisation requires a unique series of geo-location techniques to bump your business' visibility.

How can we help?

Viva Web Solutions can give your business a leg up on local search optimisation, ensuring that you appear when your customers search. We'll improve your visibility on searches for all keywords and suburbs affiliated with your business.

Do you draw your
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Local Search
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