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Joshua Rasco - General Manager

Joshua Rasco - Director/Project Manager

Joshua started Viva Web Solutions in January 2005. He has been in the information technology field for over 15 years, the first 7.5 serving as an Information Technology Specialist in the U.S. Air Force in Japan, Korea, England, Qatar and the U.S.  During this time he gained valuable experience in deployable communications, network security, network management, system administration, help desk/PC maintenance and website and database design and development.

Joshua has an Associate Degree in Information Systems and Computer Applications (Adv. Diploma equivalent) from the University of Maryland, USA, is a Microsoft Certified Professional and has held various Cisco certifications.

Joshua came to live and settle in Sydney in 2004 with his Australian wife, and has since had the privilege of becoming an Australian citizen.

Yasir Assam - Senior Software Developer

Yasir Assam - Senior Software Developer

Yasir was raised and educated in the UK. He graduated with a first class honours degree (Bachelor of Science) in physics from Imperial College London in 1994.

He first worked as a software developer back in 1989 at the age of 18, working full time during his gap year developing software in C on the the Apple Macintosh and PC for the newspaper industry. Yasir continued to work part-time for the same industry during his University years, going back to full time work as a software developer in 1994 after graduating.

Yasir worked at numerous software companies throughout the 90s in the UK, consolidating what he'd learnt about programming in his early years. "Software development is part engineering, part craft, and part art (yes, even geeks can claim to be artists!). It takes years to get good at it", says Yasir.

Yasir moved to Australia in 1999 and has been living here ever since. He's spent most of his working life in Australia working remotely for a London-based company, Sibelius Software. He has worked with Viva Web Solutions since August 2005.

Tom Storms - Operations Manager / Web Developer

Tom Storms - Operations Manager / Web Developer

Tom, born and raised in Australia, joined the Viva Web Solutions team in 2007.

At a young age and with the support of his parents, Tom studied classical guitar at the Conservatorium of Music. With his academic success and being a school captain in high school, he moved on to study acting and entertainment. After acting in various shows and student films, and being a production and marketing manager of a theatrical production, Tom took his experience and confidence and decided to change paths and study information technology at Griffith University.

In 2005, he was chosen for an internship with IBM Australia in Sydney. This internship consisted of 3 months of intensive studying and 9 months full time work. Tom graduated with a Bachelor of Information Technology (Industry) degree in 2008.

Tom has studied and had experience in a variety of areas including web development, software development, web/graphic/logo design, desktop publishing and automation. Today, Tom continues working remotely for IBM Australia, and he is also specialising in online business and marketing solutions.

Christine Debacker-Guziak - Copywriter / Social Media Specialist

Christine Debacker-Guziak - Copywriter / Social Media Specialist

Christie is a digital copywriter devoted to enhancing new media experiences one brand at a time. Originally from California, Christie is currently based in London where she works with various marketing and media teams. She joined the Viva Web Solutions Team in 2010.

As a devoted media industry professional, she's developed a strong editorial eye, exercised her lexical muscles, and acquired a fascination with the latest innovations in social media.

She began working in various communications positions while studying at the prestigious Seven Sisters institution Mount Holyoke in the USA and at Oxford University in the UK. Her anthropology degrees focused on identity, media, and consumer behavior—providing a bouncy start in marketing, branding, digital campaigning and reaching out to audiences with copy that simply clicks.

As a creative and conceptual copywriter, she develops all types of print and digital copy.